How It Works

 We look at your utility bills  -  you focus on your core business.
After 23 years, you better believe we know where to look for overcharges.
We may have a couple of questions, but you’ll probably forget all about us.

Reduce expenses, Increase earnings


For once, you don’t have to spend money to make money.
You don’t have to cut corners on quality, increase sales, cut payroll, or change the way you do business.

Pay after you save

When we deliver savings, then pay us out of that savings.
No capital investments. No smoke and mirrors.

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No ManagingNo Risk


Here’s what people are saying about us

KSL Resorts

"I have had a lot of success with Evan Palmer and Expense Management Group over the past eight years.  They are tenacious in digging out savings in our utility pricing that we would have likely not found without their assistance. I highly recommend their services."

----- David J. Nadeau, Director of Asset Management, KSL Resorts


Vintners Inn
"This was probably one of the most efficient ways for us to save money over the last 10 years. It was like making money without doing very much. It really is as simple as Evan makes it out to be. If you want to save money and increase your bottom line without much hassle, you HAVE to bring in EMG."

----- Percy Brandon, General Manager, Vintners Inn


OB Sports

"We found Expense Management Group to be extremely professional, and although it’s a cliché, contracting with them is truly a no-brainer."

----- Doc Belitz,  Club Operations, OB Sports Golf Management


Palm Desert

"Not only did Expense Management Group’s recommendations save us about $10,000 annually going forward, but they also were able to obtain a refund from past payments. We feel like we now have a resource to go to anytime we need assistance or advice in the energy management area."

  ----- Dianna Todd, Controller, Palm Desert Country Club

Some of Our Clients

Diamond Resorts

Artisan Bakers

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

American Golf

Las Vegas Golf

Kemper Sports

Arnold Palmer Golf Management

Rancho Las Palmas

Lobero Theatre

Ridge Vineyards


New England Lobster

Willie Bird Turkeys

Sugar Bowl

Shields Nursing Centers

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